APPLICATION FOR LAW 2013 OF 2019 - Citizen Consultation

Consult here the record of information on assets and income, conflicts of interest and income and complementary taxes carried out by natural or legal persons as indicated by Law 2013 of 2019.

How can I do the search?

  1. Enter one or more of the requested data and click the Search button.
  2. The results of your query will be presented in the displayed table, with the basic information of each of the records.
  3. If you wish, click on the Download reports button to download the PDF and Excel file of the complete declaration and the attached files corresponding to that record, or on the Entity Report button to download the file in Excel with the total records made on the respective entity.

What information will I find in the results?

In the results, the application presents the following information: TYPE OF PERSON (if natural or legal), DECLARANT (name or company name), IDENTITY DOCUMENT NUMBER (ID, immigration ID, passport and NIT, among others) , ENTITY (on which you declare conflicts of interest), PUBLICATION OF THE INFORMATION (if it is Income, Retirement, Periodic or Other), PUBLICATION DATE (date on which the record of information made was published) and FORM STATUS (Finalizado or En revision).

  • The status Finalizado indicates that the obliged subject selected an Entity and a Position from the list available in the system.
  • The status En revision indicates that the Entity or the Position were filled out by the obliged subject and the Administrative Department of the Public Function will verify the information entered to specify legal validity before marking the record in status Finalizado.

REMEMBER THAT: By virtue of the principle of good faith, it is presumed that the information provided by the subjects bound by Law 2013 of 2019 is true and, therefore, is of legal use until it is distorted with the mechanisms enshrined in the current legal system.

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