Application for Public Integrity

The Application for Public Integrity is the tool provided by the Public Function so that public servants of high positions of the State, contractors and other obligated subjects declare their assets and income and income and complementary and register their conflicts of interest (Law 2013 of 2019); to register and identify Politically Exposed Persons - PEP with their complementary financial information (Decree 830 of 2021); and for citizens, control entities, the media and interested organizations to consult and use this information in compliance with the principles of integrity and transparency and the exercise of social control. This application is part of the Public Employment Information and Management System (SIGEP).

Before registering to make your declarations, verify and confirm:

  • If according to the Law 2013 of 2019, you must declare and publish your information on property and income, conflicts of interest and income tax and complementary.
  • If according to Decree 830 of 2021, you must declare the information required to be considered a Politically Exposed Person.
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Declaration of Law 2013 of 2019

If you are a senior manager of the State, public servant elected by popular vote, contractor or other obligated subject of Law 2013 of 2019, declare and publish here your information on assets and income, conflicts of interest and income tax.

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Registration of information as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

If you are a Politically Exposed Person due to the responsibilities of your position, as established in the Decree 830 of 2021, declare and publish your financial information here.

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Registration of relatives with contracts

If you are a Public Servant, register here your relatives up to the second degree of affinity and second degree of consanguinity, with contracts for the provision of professional services or management support with the State, according to Presidential Directive 001 of 2022.

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Citizen consultation

If you are a citizen who wishes to exercise your right to participation and social control, consult here the declarations of assets and income, conflicts of interest and income and complementary taxes and the list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), with their respective statements.

Your inquiry is anonymous and does not require registration.

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