APPLICATION FOR LAW 2013 OF 2019 - Citizen Consultation

In this section you will be able to generate reports by year, by department, by municipality and by position (popularly elected positions, some of the main State managers and contractors), as required.

The reports generated will contain the information filled out by the obliged subjects of Law 2013 of 2019 in the declarations of assets and income, conflicts of interest and income tax and supplementary published in compliance with this law.

REMEMBER THAT the system allows you to cross-query. For example: you can query all the declarations of the entities corresponding to a department or a municipality in a specific year using the corresponding fields.

PLEASE NOTE THAT the information registered in the 2013-2019 Law Application is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the obligated subject.

How can I generate a report?

Select the option you require in one or more of the fields presented (Year, Department, Municipality or Position) and click on the Generate report button.

The application will allow you to download the file in Excel with all the declarations of Law 2013 of 2019 registered by users in the application, or it will indicate that no results were found for your query.

If you have any questions or problems, write to us at: indicating name, type and number of document and contact telephone number.

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